What is Transmedia?

Transmedia is a technique of telling a single story or a story experience across multiple platforms and formats examples such as books, games, cinema, television and events. A popular example of a product that tells a story experience is Pokemon, and it has been around for many years even since I was a young child myself. Game Freak are the current developers of Pokemon and have been since 1996.

What makes Pokemon popular?

Pokemon is so popular because it has a great story and it is a franchise that covers multiple platforms and formats, for example Game Freak have released 24 Pokemon games since 1996 that tell a story experience through the different Pokemon regions starting from the Kanto region in Blue, Red and Yellow, the Johto and Kanto regions in Gold, Silver and Crystal, the Hoenn region in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen revisited the Kanto region and is a remaster of the original Pokemon games Blue, Red and Yellow, the Sinoh region in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, the Johto region was revisited in HeartGold and SoulSilver and was remastered from the original games of Gold, Silver and Crystal, the Unova region in Pokemon Black and White and revisited in Black and White 2 and remastered from Pokemon Black and White, the Kalos region in Pokemon X and Y and the Hoenn region was revisited in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire which were remasters of the original games Ruby and Sapphire.

Pokemon also have a Trading Card Game based on the Pokemon games and series, they have made eighteen seasons of the Pokemon anime TV series that has run since 1997, eighteen Pokemon movies have been made since 1998, they wrote Pokemon books and comics and they have made many Pokemon toys and accessories for Pokemon fans worldwide to buy and collect.

All Pokemon Games by Game Freak
All Pokemon 24 Pokemon Games by Game Freak

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon toys
Pokemon toys

Link to the first ever episode of the Pokemon Anime TV series

Link to the first ever Pokemon Movie

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